Review UOW Critique

For my critique I am reviewing Paul and Britt’s, Review UOW platform and accessing its progress. The idea was to Review UOW subjects in order for future students to be able to pick subjects they would enjoy. Review UOW started with the idea of better equipping students with information about their subjects in order to insure that they achieve a greater experience at UOW. It focused on the sharing of information and creating a space in which people could communicate about their subjects and be critical in a way that could potentially change the way the university looks are student … Continue reading Review UOW Critique

Auto-ethnography and Anime: A Convoluted Experience

My auto-ethnographic experience of anime has lead me to examine my attitude and expectations upon this medium and why overall I think it’s worthwhile. Anime is a product but one with a sense of artistic expression. No one in anime lives in the real world, or at the least the one that I know. This isn’t just in reference to the outlandish events that take place in anime but also it’s location, Japan. Watching Cardcaptor Sakura for the first time as a child was made wholly more interesting by the fact that it took place in a foreign location, bathed … Continue reading Auto-ethnography and Anime: A Convoluted Experience

Soup and Dongles: A Story of Technological Apathy

For this post I interviewed my mother, Sandra, about the technologies that have emerged during her lifetime, specifically Television and the Internet, in order to discover what her experiences of these mediums were.  For as long as I have known my mother she has been apathetic towards technology. This is not because of being unable to understand it or moral panic, as it may be with other peoples parents, but rather because as she says “I don’t need it”. Now to be fair this is a slight mislead, on my part in this post and hers in real life, as … Continue reading Soup and Dongles: A Story of Technological Apathy