Old and New and Tumblr

“The digital revolution paradigm claimed that new media was going to change everything. After the dot-com crash, the tendency was to imagine that new media had changed nothing. As with so many things about the current media environment, the truth lay somewhere in between.” – Henry Jenkins (2004)   I will be the first to admit that Tumblr doesn’t completely revolutionize the way we consume media. What it does do though, and well, is complement other forms of media and foster the creation of new media. Tumblr users can be obsessive. They care about their site and want to uphold … Continue reading Old and New and Tumblr

We Draw The Line

Copyright is such a troubling concept these days. Pirating is a socially acceptable crime that many of us commit on a daily basis, yet stealing someone else’s work is completely unacceptable. Tumblr has always had a problem with copyright infringement. Because there is such a huge mass of media it’s almost impossible to keep track of it all. Users often steal from one anther to obtain all powerful notes. A side effect of this is that users are policing and properly marking their intellectual work. It’s very interesting to see small time artists protecting their own property in such a way. The … Continue reading We Draw The Line

The Signs Are Concrete – yet we are not listening

  “You’re supposed to sell your body in a way that’s like… it’s OK to be sexy when it benefits everyone else. Most of the people who had a problem with it were men. At this point, I feel like I’m doing a bad job of being a feminist if I’m not making someone angry.” But I’m making art and doing things that are true to my work. I’m not trying to sell my body. But it’s my body to sell if I did want to! This kind of cover isn’t even what sells – what sells is your face, shot by … Continue reading The Signs Are Concrete – yet we are not listening

Whose Words and What are they Saying

The distracting nature of internet based news media has blinded us to the consolidation of mainstream media by a small number of select individuals such as Gina Rinehart. The voices we have permeating through our media news cycles are that of a very few incredibly rich individuals. Mainstream media still has a lot of the power because of it’s install base. It’s in every home on TV’s, it’s the radio, it’s news paper and even if you don’t want to see it you inevitably will. And these people use that to their own advantage pushing our society in the direction … Continue reading Whose Words and What are they Saying

Tumblr – The Prosumer Factory

One of the most interesting aspects of Tumblr is its encouragement of prosumers. It takes ordinary fandom members, sucks them in and then creates Internet savvy artists. All over Tumblr are tutorials for tools such as Photoshop, Audacity and other such programs. In my short time on the site, I read through a prominent musicians idea’s on pop music, learned how to make a gif using Photoshop and learned the basics of coding. Personally, I would describe myself as a low level user of Tumblr. If you spend 5 minutes on the site though you can tell how much time and … Continue reading Tumblr – The Prosumer Factory

Chicken Nugget Television and the Decline of Intelligent Viewing

Television has long been blamed for turning it’s audience into zombies. In 2010, renowned actor and intellectual, Stephen Fry made comments suggesting that the BBC has a lack of intelligent programming. He remarked that “Infantilisim’s the problem.” and described the current available choices on the channel as chicken nugget viewing. The connotation there is that this type of viewing is fast food, unhealthy and bland. I argue that this infantilisation of network television programming is an effect of the televisions dying business model. In an attempt to to stem the increasing decline in television viewing networks are making their program’s … Continue reading Chicken Nugget Television and the Decline of Intelligent Viewing

Much Introductions #hashtagusagepoints

Welcome My name is Sam, nice and simple to remember. First of all I’m going to say I’m not very proficient at talking about myself, so with that in mind I’ll start with the basics. I’ve lived in Wollongong my entire life and I currently share a house with some friends in the greatest suburb known to man, Balgownie. If you’ve heard of this place you surely know that it’s a magical wasteland from which the swamp dwellers have arisen. Probably the most interesting thing about me at the moment is that I’ve recently turned vegetarian. Two weeks counting at … Continue reading Much Introductions #hashtagusagepoints