Much Introductions #hashtagusagepoints


My name is Sam, nice and simple to remember.

First of all I’m going to say I’m not very proficient at talking about myself, so with that in mind I’ll start with the basics.

I’ve lived in Wollongong my entire life and I currently share a house with some friends in the greatest suburb known to man, Balgownie. If you’ve heard of this place you surely know that it’s a magical wasteland from which the swamp dwellers have arisen.

Probably the most interesting thing about me at the moment is that I’ve recently turned vegetarian. Two weeks counting at this point but I’m pretty devoted to it and it’s actually been really (fun*?).

Some of my interest’s are as follows:

  • Music wise I’m pretty eclectic. I’m into anything from like The Smiths to K-Pop. At the moment I’m listening to Blood Orange, Deerhunter, Mark Ronson and Owen Pallett. Music is really important to me and I think it’s a great way of getting to know other people and how they work.
  • I’m into obscure TV shows, movies and anime. I’m one of those people who watched the entirety of House of Cards when it came out. In a day. Just non-stop. It was fantastic.
  • I aim to be a creative human being so I dabble in creating stuff in different mediums. I don’t take it seriously or anything but I do hope to do more of it this year as I’ve had a lot of fun with just experimenting.
  • I also internet a bit, sometimes a lot.

That’s my introduction. If you’re reading this then I thank you for your time and putting up with my noobionisms. Totally word. Much pro.

This will be my blog for BCM110 and BCM112, so if you are doing either of those follow me so I can follow you back. I want to read as many blogs as possible to get an idea as to how other people are approaching certain topics. Message me or whatever, I’m interested in doing well in this subject so any critiques are more than welcome.

Thank you and good night

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