Tumblr – The Prosumer Factory

One of the most interesting aspects of Tumblr is its encouragement of prosumers. It takes ordinary fandom members, sucks them in and then creates Internet savvy artists. All over Tumblr are tutorials for tools such as Photoshop, Audacity and other such programs. In my short time on the site, I read through a prominent musicians idea’s on pop music, learned how to make a gif using Photoshop and learned the basics of coding.¬†Personally, I would describe myself as a low level user of Tumblr. If you spend 5 minutes on the site though you can tell how much time and effort people put into blog maintenance and other such endeavors.

Tumblr’s flow of content is very similar to how other sites work, except the results are remarkably different. Instead of liking something, which is basically meaningless on the site, you are encouraged to share it. To pass it along. To make sure that your likes and passions are pushed through reaching other people. In some way it’s like an up vote. The flow of information is very fluid.

The reason I chose Tumblr is because it’s not limited to anything. Sure the first thing you think of at the mention of Tumblr are crazy fandoms, brony’s, hipsters and meme’s, but what really makes Tumblr note worthy is it’s rouge aspects. It connects people in extraordinary ways. The things that we hold most dear are right up there for everyone to see. There’s no holding back. No real fear of judgement. In a world with social media elitism it’s somewhat special.

One thought on “Tumblr – The Prosumer Factory

  1. This is a lovely description of shareability as a way of shaking off the elitism of likes. I’m not a user of Tumblr but I like this aspect of it a lot. It’s in the gap between self-promotion and community/curation tools where the point is to share. It’s starting to look as though curation/sharing will really define the next five years.

    Nice blog.

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