We Draw The Line

Copyright is such a troubling concept these days. Pirating is a socially acceptable crime that many of us commit on a daily basis, yet stealing someone else’s work is completely unacceptable.


Tumblr has always had a problem with copyright infringement. Because there is such a huge mass of media it’s almost impossible to keep track of it all. Users often steal from one anther to obtain all powerful notes. A side effect of this is that users are policing and properly marking their intellectual work. It’s very interesting to see small time artists protecting their own property in such a way. The use of tags means that in order to gain a lot of notes someone using someone else’s intellectual property must hash tag it, because of this anyone can find who is use using their work.

So if it’s not okay to steal from small time Tumblr users we must ask why it is acceptable to steal mass media. If we look at the patterns that consumers pirate it would seem that it’s acceptable to steal from large corporations. And when you think of it in these terms, Pirate Bay would be the modern day equivalent of Robin Hoob, stealing from the rich and giving to the many. But in the case of Tumblr, where everyone’s attempting to foster creativity, it’s immensely immoral.


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