Old and New and Tumblr

“The digital revolution paradigm claimed that new media was going to change everything. After the dot-com crash, the tendency was to imagine that new media had changed nothing. As with so many things about the current media environment, the truth lay somewhere in between.” – Henry Jenkins (2004)

  I will be the first to admit that Tumblr doesn’t completely revolutionize the way we consume media. What it does do though, and well, is complement other forms of media and foster the creation of new media.

Tumblr users can be obsessive. They care about their site and want to uphold it’s integrity and reputation. This could show a shift in how we consume media in that Tumblr is boundary less which is key to the sites potentially ongoing success. The convergent nature means that everything at some point will flow through the user’s feeds. If it’s funny or exciting it will end up there, people need the notes.

While some other medias have an anarchistic approach to old media, Tumblr’s stance is one of indifference. It relies’s upon only what it’s users rely upon from other media to keep it going. In this analogy it would be like a leech, except that Tumblrs fandom circles more than generate adoration and fan culture. It’s all about the users.


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