The Transmedia Meta Narrative

Tumblr has become an outlet for artists to share different works and promote their non-Tumblr based entertainment. The works themselves can be seen as an extension of the entertainment and feeds into a larger narrative. Dan Harmon is creator of the cult hit television show Community. The show is in a way a narrative within the narrative of Dan Harmon as the show is a product of Harmon’s narrative. The show and the man are linked in symbiosis, both are one. Meta enough for you? So one could say that Dan Harmon’s Tumblr is then a transmedia narrative. Recently Harmon … Continue reading The Transmedia Meta Narrative

Sherlock and My Little Pony

Produsage is the main aspect of Tumblr. It’s fandom circles along with it’s fast and fluid flow of information all add to create creative prosumers. It’s a creative forum of incredible size that is a gold standard for each of Bruns (2007) key characteristics of produsage. Tumblr is a virtual forest of content. It’s all linked and tagged but there is truly too much content to see every Doctor Who gif. It means that to a degree the content on Tumblr is free access. People in most cases use it as they want, except for if you claim the work … Continue reading Sherlock and My Little Pony

The Bynes Reflection

First of all I just wanted to say that I have immensely enjoyed blogging for this subject. I’m a thinker and what this task has given me is an outlet for my ideas and thoughts. I believe I’ve addressed the topics well, definitely not perfectly but I hope I’ve met the requirements. Before I go though allow me to talk about some of the ideas I’ve found particularly interesting through the curious case of Amanda Bynes. Miss Amanda Bynes has had an extremely turbulent few years. First a DUI, then she’s arrested for throwing drug paraphernalia out of a moving … Continue reading The Bynes Reflection

Serious Time

Adventure Time started off as a cult hit but then grew into a generational phenomenon. It’s premise is incredibly simple and almost cliche in the way that it is similar to many other children’s programs. For such an aesthetically childish program it manages to confront, or at least allude to, many adult and important topics. The recent two part conclusion to season 5 included such themes as guilt, responsibility, greed, and most complexly the relation between hope and totalitarian governments. The 2013 episode “Wizards Only, Fools” is about a character, made of candy, regaining his health. Princess Bubblegum, being the … Continue reading Serious Time

The Users Should Scare You

The old days of passive media consumption are dead and gone. It just doesn’t work anymore. We feel these restrictions that media companies are putting on us and we find any way possible to shake them off. “If old consumers were assumed to be passive, the new consumer is active.” Henry Jenkins (2004) Tumblr “allows” users freedom. I use the quotations because really the audience is who ultimately decides. Tumblr has implemented changes in the past that have come under quick and sharp attack. And with “…new consumers showing a declining loyalty to networks or even media.” (Henry Jenkins 2004) online platforms cannot … Continue reading The Users Should Scare You