The Users Should Scare You

The old days of passive media consumption are dead and gone. It just doesn’t work anymore. We feel these restrictions that media companies are putting on us and we find any way possible to shake them off. “If old consumers were assumed to be passive, the new consumer is active.” Henry Jenkins (2004)Spacey-Bloody

Tumblr “allows” users freedom. I use the quotations because really the audience is who ultimately decides. Tumblr has implemented changes in the past that have come under quick and sharp attack. And with “…new consumers showing a declining loyalty to networks or even media.” (Henry Jenkins 2004) online platforms cannot mess around, especially on Tumblr. It’s a blogging site at it’s core that acts as social networking. The users don’t want changes to the formula that aren’t user made. You can make a new type of gif set but hey, if you change the like button we’re all in trouble.

Users having all the control can have downsides of course. People are prone to latch onto causes that are popular even if they may not even know what they are talking about. Recently the Colbert Report came under fire for seemingly racist remarks, at which point someone started the hashtag #CancelColbert. The internet finally came to it’s senses though upon the realization that the remarks were a reference to a joke made on the show.

This power means that we as consumers and prosumers have to be responsible, not just us as individuals but the internet as a collective.


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One thought on “The Users Should Scare You

  1. Nice post.
    I like how you incorporated Henry Jenkin’s opinions into it.
    That Kevin Spacey photo is trippy!!!
    I like how you discussed the audience in relation to your platform and showed the consumers hate for change. this point is so true!

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