Sherlock and My Little Pony

Produsage is the main aspect of Tumblr. It’s fandom circles along with it’s fast and fluid flow of information all add to create creative prosumers. It’s a creative forum of incredible size that is a gold standard for each of Bruns (2007) key characteristics of produsage.


Tumblr is a virtual forest of content. It’s all linked and tagged but there is truly too much content to see every Doctor Who gif. It means that to a degree the content on Tumblr is free access. People in most cases use it as they want, except for if you claim the work is your own, a true unforgivable sin on Tumblr seeing as most users are small time artists.

The fluid flow of content on Tumblr has a lot to do with the open nature of the site. Reblogging other peoples content is acceptable and easy because the site automatically tags the source. Liking stuff on Tumblr is basically a way of bookmarking without reblogging but it’s critical in the most important part of Tumblr’s ecosystem. It’s free notes. Most artists are just trying to get recognition via signal boosting. Sherlock and My Little Pony have rabid fans on Tumblr. Both have incredible amounts of original content created by prosumers. It’s incredible the sheer mountain of creativity that has been invested.


Tumblr owes a debt to pop culture and vice versa, as the site has been a huge draw for young and artistic people. These people have come together learning new skills and have taken pop culture and completely dissected it and reimagined it as they see fit.


HCI Crossroads: A Summary of “The Key Characteristics of Produsage” from “Blogs, Wikipedia, Second Life, and Beyond – From Production to Produsage”. [ONLINE] Available at: [Accessed 13 April 2014].

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