The Bynes Reflection

First of all I just wanted to say that I have immensely enjoyed blogging for this subject. I’m a thinker and what this task has given me is an outlet for my ideas and thoughts. I believe I’ve addressed the topics well, definitely not perfectly but I hope I’ve met the requirements. Before I go though allow me to talk about some of the ideas I’ve found particularly interesting through the curious case of Amanda Bynes.


Miss Amanda Bynes has had an extremely turbulent few years. First a DUI, then she’s arrested for throwing drug paraphernalia out of a moving vehicle and finally she crashes her car high on many substances. When you look at Amanda Bynes though these things doesn’t necessarily seem surprising.  She’s been in the public eye for many years now as she began acting at age 9 and was part of the monstrous Disney boom of the noughties. The reason why I say this isn’t surprising is because these days it’s easily noticeable that any major celebrity who has been a star since childhood years has a breakdown, admittedly not usually in such a spectacular fashion.

I argue that the public sphere destroys everyone to a degree. These young celebs see all the different expectations placed upon them by society and it tears the limb from mental limb. People like this have become martyrs and we like it that way. We the consumers get gratification from the notion that even celebrities who seemingly have it all can fall apart at any time. They become a talking point, a form of entertainment and an industry because they are famous and a mess.

Can you imagine the mothers at home seeing this train wreck of a person on tv? Last year Bynes posted on her twitter, “I want Drake to murder my vagina.” which got huge amounts of media attention. She was heavily criticised and Parents Association of America made a statement condemning Bynes as being a mixed up individual who needs to reassess her life.

Wait I have gained from all this is awareness.  The readings and lectures have given names to things I have previously thought and theorized upon. The media’s relation to society is truly magnificent in nature as it both reflects and steers us.

~Thanks for reading my blogs guys, hope they have been at least somewhat interesting~

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