The Transmedia Meta Narrative

Tumblr has become an outlet for artists to share different works and promote their non-Tumblr based entertainment. The works themselves can be seen as an extension of the entertainment and feeds into a larger narrative.


Dan Harmon is creator of the cult hit television show Community. The show is in a way a narrative within the narrative of Dan Harmon as the show is a product of Harmon’s narrative. The show and the man are linked in symbiosis, both are one. Meta enough for you? So one could say that Dan Harmon’s Tumblr is then a transmedia narrative. Recently Harmon took to the blog to explain his thoughts about the recent cancellation of Community. This in a way is a non fiction expansion of narrative via transmedia. It’s no different to how artists create a personae, or a “project” as they like to call it, and adopt certain styles and ideals.

Claire Boucher or Grimes is an artist, musician, director and singer-songwriter. The name Grimes is a “project” name. It’s a way of encompassing all work done by this one person under a single creative identity. Grimes’ main creative works are that of music as she has 4 albums. When thinking of transmedia though you could say that even album covers are a form of transmedia. Again, it all feeds into the creative brand.


Transmedia narratives are not just restricted to big budget films. Artistic endeavours of a sporadic nature are often tied together on Tumblr. The produsage nature of the site means that it’s a hot bed for creativity and trans media interactions.


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