The Pink Bow of Gender Inequality

“The message is clear. Boys are the norm, girls the variation; boys are central, girls peripheral; boys are individuals, girls types. Boys define the group, its story and its code of values. Girls exist only in relation to boys.” – Katha Pollitt talking about the Ms. Male Character type present in video games. Society and media have always perpetuated the idea that women work differently to men. Most of this I believe is because women have not been given the opportunity to like such things as video games and action movies in the past. The assumption that these are male … Continue reading The Pink Bow of Gender Inequality

Politics + Gen Y = ………..

Youth engagement in politics is a prevalent problem. I think it has something to do with the way we absorb information these days. Gen Y is more internet centric, we absorb information from Facebook and other social media sites. The times that I am most politically engaged is when friends are sharing issues and other such political news that then spurs discussion. Also mainstream news media is still the largest source of political news which youth have all but detached from. This suggests to me that when new media grows so will youth involvement. The only Australian politician to tap … Continue reading Politics + Gen Y = ………..

Creative Symbiosis

In the convergence age nothing is truly owned by any one person and as a consequence a creative work never reaches a state of typical completion akin to what we had before the introduction of remix culture. The rise of sampling and remixing in music has lead to a huge creative surge. Artists these days release their tracks and albums anticipating remixes. Many release deluxe versions featuring a slew of high profile remixes while others release remix EP’s which traditionally split the profits between remixer and the remixed. This can be highly beneficial career wise as well. For example, Lana Del Rey’s song “Summertime Sadness” was … Continue reading Creative Symbiosis