Creative Symbiosis

In the convergence age nothing is truly owned by any one person and as a consequence a creative work never reaches a state of typical completion akin to what we had before the introduction of remix culture.


The rise of sampling and remixing in music has lead to a huge creative surge. Artists these days release their tracks and albums anticipating remixes. Many release deluxe versions featuring a slew of high profile remixes while others release remix EP’s which traditionally split the profits between remixer and the remixed. This can be highly beneficial career wise as well. For example, Lana Del Rey’s song “Summertime Sadness” was remixed by Cedric Gervais which then went on to chart higher than the original track. It also gave Del Rey the opportunity to crack the mainstream radio circuit as she was previously considered an indie artist. Symbiosis of creativity.

In many cases remixes can be more important than the original track. Dev Hayne’s song, “Uncle Ace” was released on the album Cupid Deluxe under the stage name Blood Orange. After the release of the album Haynes made a video for the song that features a distinctly altered version featuring the vocal talents of Robert Owens. In many ways its the definitive version. It’s a testament to the way music doesn’t just stop at the album drop. These days when musicians release music it can be the start of the creative process rather than the end.


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