Alpha, Beta and an Abundance of Data

The time of the glorification of perfection and completion has come to an end in a sense. Apple, Minecraft and the internet have made it readily apparent that finished products in a data saturated cyberspace are negative and fly in the face of progress. Minecraft and Apple sit on two very opposite ends of the spectrum. Minecraft is a video game, made by a man among many on the internet, that because of it’s early availability gained a cult following and then took over the gaming world. Now you can see kids wearing Minecraft clothing down the street, Notch (the … Continue reading Alpha, Beta and an Abundance of Data

Phone is Love, Phone is Life

The old days of physical labor are melting, no longer is a job tied down to a physical location or even task. We are becoming more fluid and flexible as we become accustomed to an information centered work force as technology has given us the ability to work on the go. For example, people who work in politics are almost forever engaged with their career. The mobile phone is possibly the most important tool you can have in a work place or even just in life in general. There is an interesting example of this that I discovered on Facebook … Continue reading Phone is Love, Phone is Life

The Power of the Network

“Power does not reside in institutions, not even the state or large corporations. It is located in the networks that structure society . . .” – Manuel Castells Society is changing. We are breaking down long standing biases built into our society by leaders and dictators. Australia, the country we live in now may not necessarily but under rule of a totalitarian dictator (though lets face it, Abbott is worse) but we still have to overcome huge disadvantages in life that are still remnant of the past. The top 1% still control so much yet we are making ways to subvert privilege, devalue old forms of currency … Continue reading The Power of the Network

Too Fast For The Truth

“Superficial, sudden, unsifted, too fast for the truth, must be all telegraphic intelligence.”. These were the words used to describe the telegraph in 1858, but they could be easily used to describe Twitter and basically any social media of today. When the New York Times wrote that the telegraph was too fast for the truth they had a point, it’s unregulated information, stripped of the ability to gain further context to words as the technology was incredibly expensive and short messages were the norm. Some technologies are ultimately slain by their short comings (MySpace, Print Media), while others find ways … Continue reading Too Fast For The Truth

New Semester New Introduction

Introductions are always so god darn hard for me. But it’s not like I’m not accustomed to talking about myself, believe me I am. It’s just that I find it incredibly difficult to summarize my being in words. So instead I shall you tell you the basics and then move on to some of my interests that probably give you a better idea of who I am then what my words can do. First of all my name is Sam for all of you who don’t know. It’s an incredibly common name these days, in high school I didn’t have … Continue reading New Semester New Introduction