New Semester New Introduction

me being derp and shiz

Introductions are always so god darn hard for me. But it’s not like I’m not accustomed to talking about myself, believe me I am. It’s just that I find it incredibly difficult to summarize my being in words. So instead I shall you tell you the basics and then move on to some of my interests that probably give you a better idea of who I am then what my words can do.

First of all my name is Sam for all of you who don’t know. It’s an incredibly common name these days, in high school I didn’t have a single class without another Sam in it. I’m a first year student, although I have previously done a Dip in Communication and Media at tafe and decided to continue it at UOW. You can imagine how many blogs I have done over two years…

Now on to the good stuff. I’m a pretty avid television viewer and by television I mean like TV series and not like The Voice or Big Brother. I watch a lot of foreign TV series and American series. Some of my favorites include; Mad Men, Les Revenants, Twin Peaks, Top of the Lake, Breaking Bad, Louie, Enlightened, Veep, Borgen and others.

I would describe myself as an amateur photographer. I was a teenager during the Tumblr boom so how could I not be. I have a blog that keep which contains all my favourite photos and such.

Music wise I’m incredibly eclectic. I spend hours upon hours wading through bandcamp and YouTube looking for music. It’s a little bit obsessive as I can literally spend a day “musicing” as I call it. I also make music but that’s just for lols.

On where I’m going with this degree time will only tell, but if I’m hopeful I would say that I would love to work in television production other seas. Television is a language that I understand, it’s something that I immersed myself in from a young age in so I know it inside and out.

But really I just want to be doing something creative with my life.

Thanks for reading my intro.

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