Phone is Love, Phone is Life

The old days of physical labor are melting, no longer is a job tied down to a physical location or even task. We are becoming more fluid and flexible as we become accustomed to an information centered work force as technology has given us the ability to work on the go. For example, people who work in politics are almost forever engaged with their career. The mobile phone is possibly the most important tool you can have in a work place or even just in life in general.


There is an interesting example of this that I discovered on Facebook the other day. A friend of mine is involved with online promotions and her job is to basically have as many friends on Facebook as possible and promote certain products and events. It’s interesting in two respects: A, the person in question has sold a part of their social identity and B, the persons career to a degree is Facebook-ing.

The appeal of informational labor is undeniable. In some cases no set work hours, physically easy and predominately flexible but it hides some scary implications. As we progress into living in a global network will some be left behind? In many parts of the world internet is extremely limited and probably will be for a while. We in the western world will progress to living and working in an informational sphere while people in the East or Africa could be left without such advantages.



From doing Communications and Media it has become very clear to me that the jobs market is changing and evolving around us. Liquid labor signals a significant change to the way we see labor and approach careers. No longer is 9 to 5 the norm and with this change has and will come more evolution.

2 thoughts on “Phone is Love, Phone is Life

  1. I appreciate the structure of your writing. Often I find myself writing sentences with no real direction, however your work is clear and concise. The introduction is engaging and frames the topic well, giving the reader a clear idea of the issue under discussion and the following paragraphs tease out the concepts without becoming overly wordy or convoluted. The example that you have used is extremely relevant and I believe that drawing from the micro world of personal experience is a great way to cement and reinforce an idea. I think you have nailed this post. short and sweet, quality rather than quantity.

  2. I totally agree with you regarding what we are losing while we are gaining so much!
    Scary to think what the ‘working world’ will be like in 10 years, or even when we graduate!
    Awesome post!

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