Walls Made Of Money: iFeudalism

The old internet is shrinking and being replaced by walled gardens over which Google’s crawlers cannot climb. Sure, Google can crawl Facebook’s ‘public pages’, but those represent a tiny fraction of the pages on Facebook, and are not informed by the crucial signals of identity and relationship which give those pages meaning.” – John Batelle


Facebook, in terms of walled gardens, is an incredibly interesting one as the media is based around socializing and audience participation.  As someone who has adopted Facebook only in the last year and a bit I can say from experience that being on the other side of those walls is actually a rather terrifying experience. It’s rather scary to think now that our entire friendship circles and interactions are now computerized and archived. Facebook works on information and plays on social anxieties in order to get a critical mass, as it’s the largest and most closed club on the internet. This is why I ultimately joined, as fear of being socially left behind gradually built and built inside me until I couldn’t take it anymore. From what I’ve noticed is that people who don’t keep up with technological advancements get left socially behind in old technology.

Facebook in general scares me. And I know that sounds weird but what terrifies me is what is happening underneath the surface. All my data from my conversations, likes, views, clicks, scrolls, purchases, joins, creates, posts and networks is saved into a giant cloud that is calculating the most cheap, effective, easy and lasting way to sell me things. Facebook is kind of the scariest capitalist endeavor around, it takes your human essence and reduces it to currency. And I guess that is what terrifies. For me, whether in the system or out, I’m afraid which is probably beneficial for someone trying to sell me things.

Sidenote: If this comes of really paranoid and such it’s only because I’m in the library and while writing this I turned around to see that out of 20 or so computers I could see about 15 of them were on Facebook. Excuse me while go hide under a table.


One thought on “Walls Made Of Money: iFeudalism

  1. Its a pretty daunting thought about how much of you is given away through your Facebook and all that such a company can know about you. I really liked the fact that you take the personal response to the material because, to be honest, its a very personal conundrum of a public issue. It makes you wonder how it will impact everyone in the future!

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