You Don’t Make Friends With Apples


Apple vs Android is a time old debate. From a libertarian view I’m much more likely to side with the Android and it’s open source nature. But if I were to be honest with my technological ability and personal needs from a smart phone the iPhone, with it’s accessibility and emphasis on music, is better suited to my own needs. Discussing the virtues of both leads back to the fact that ¬†these products are devices directed at and are for very different types of consumers. The iPhone with it’s ease of use is directed at anyone and everyone who wants some perceived technological wizardry in their pockets and the Android for those looking to get more out of their phone with greater customization.

Leaving the versus mentality behind though it is interesting to note that Apple has been lowering the proverbial walled gardens as of late, if only a few centimeters or so. The introduction of the IOS 8 comes with limited support for third party utilities, which is a far way off the iPhone 1’s inability to change ringtones from anything other than “Old Time Phone” and “Beeps”. With this I kind of thought that it would be interesting if Apple’s original idea is to gauge the technological intelligence of the consumers and adjust up at the same speed always keeping in touch with the core of smart phones users. But what is more likely though is that because the Androids proliferation they have been forced to become more flexible as the times change to maintain profitability.

I think ultimately the Android is more forward thinking. In the future when we all leave in the cloud of data with constant updates and tweaks to tech we will probably look back at Apple and think that it was insane they made so much money off a device that’s core idea is limitation.

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