Ghost in the WiFi

The internet of things is both an exciting prospect and a scary one. With so much connectivity comes an array of privacy concerns, from manipulation to surveillance. Hacking is also a huge concern as many of the devices spread through this incredible web are not protected appropriately for such a large system that is constantly evolving. networking

iot connectivity is becoming a growing trend in public sphere. I recently read a story that detailed the story of people getting implants in their hands and head that can connect and control devices. There are even apps on the android for such connectivity. So when we enter a strange in which even our bodies are connected to the internet, we need to exam the limitations and potential security risks associated with human/machine hybridization.

The up side is that micro management of every aspect of life combined with technological innovation has pretty cool prospects for everyday life. The thought that your alarm clock could wake you up earlier according different environmental factors would have positive effects on every part of life. It really represents a step forward into a technological utopia in which everything feeds into everything.

Ultimately we need to consider the positives and negatives but iot is kinda cool in it’s everyday implications.


2 thoughts on “Ghost in the WiFi

  1. I completely agree I said something similar in my post on this topic. After watching the video within the lecture I don’t know whether I’m more scared or excited to know that my oven will be already preheating when I’m heading home for work! Anyways, great post you’ve discussed the concepts well and broadened my understanding.

  2. Definitely agree that the internet of things concept is an exciting but scary one. Whether such hyper connectivity is heralding a more utopian society remains to be seen, but you discuss some interesting points.
    If you were interested in finding out more about human/machine hydrid stuff, my groups digital artifact in on transhumanism, which is just that! (excuse my small plug there, hahaha)

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