Inception and Control

The most effective and long lasting control is the type that is subtle. It’s the type that covers it’s tracks and erases and creates the information that gives all evidence against. The idea of fake virtual people persuading and influencing real life beings sounds like it’s basis in science fiction. In reality this method of manipulation has been around for a long time, at union rallies businesses with oppositional views would pay people to infiltrate and destabilize the beliefs of protesters.


What is scary about netbots and the like are the unlimited possibilities of this form of manipulation. With no physical constraints and limitations, fake personas could be used on mass shaping and guiding public debate in the online sphere. This situation is even scarier when you consider that your information has been gathered and archived. Netbots can draw from human interactions and patterns and make seemingly real people, or recreate people all together.

The inter connectivity of the internet is also a bad thing when considering the linking of systems and access gateways people can potentially get your information. Facebook for example is linked to so many other platforms that a hack of one could mean loss of private information. Ultimately it seems that we in the future will be responsible for our own privacy forcing us to implement programs and utilities and becoming more savvy ourselves.

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