Simulation is better than Cinema

“Notice that I said that the outcome of a simulation is a narration “for an external observer”. This is because in many simulations, particularly in videogames, the player does not feel like she is being told a story by a narrator, but rather experiencing events as a personal experience” – Gonzalo Fresca, 2001 I’m very much over the cut scene. Whenever control is taken away from me in a game I’m completely yanked out of the submersion that I have previously achieved. With games like The Last Of Us the trade off is worth it as you get really dense … Continue reading Simulation is better than Cinema

Escaping the horror

Lately I have become very interested in horror games. Horror games, or games that have horror or survivalist aspects, have become a go to when playing with other people. Whether it be huddling around a single computer monitor to see if your friend can handle the terror that is Outlast or collectively trying to forge your way through a Left 4 Dead campaign, there something uniquely fun about being collectively scared. Our game that we are creating plays with some of these elements. Quick run down; the game is about a group of players on a board trying to escape … Continue reading Escaping the horror

Like, Comment, Share, Game

Too many ideas, this is what I’m grappling with right now. Not others ideas but my own. As a gamer you naturally concoct so many random scraps of games that you wish you could make or hope would be made. Trying to find a kernel of a good idea in this forest of bad is incredibly difficult, almost impossible, as you naturally want to find the best idea before starting down a path. Seeing the different game and art styles Olivia talked about in her short presentation allowed me to think about what type of games meant a lot to … Continue reading Like, Comment, Share, Game

Carcassonne Reviw

First of all, Carcassonne is a very simple game. It revolves around building fields, roads and cities using terrain pieces that are drawn randomly from a pile, as you can see it’s no Dungeons and Dragons. In creating the terrain you get to see a few tiles turn in to a jumble of poorly thought out castles and dead end roads that will make you glad city planners exist in the modern day, all while trying to position your little wooden figurines in the best spots to earn points. It’s endearingly chaotic, yet by the end you will feel an … Continue reading Carcassonne Reviw