Escaping the horror

Lately I have become very interested in horror games. Horror games, or games that have horror or survivalist aspects, have become a go to when playing with other people. Whether it be huddling around a single computer monitor to see if your friend can handle the terror that is Outlast or collectively trying to forge your way through a Left 4 Dead campaign, there something uniquely fun about being collectively scared. Our game that we are creating plays with some of these elements.

Quick run down; the game is about a group of players on a board trying to escape enemies that are constantly closing in on you. You start in the middle and as the game progresses you have to gather resources and wait for the perfect opportunity to escape to the edges of the board and to freedom. The aesthetic and story are in debate as of yet, and of course certainly elements are bound to go and come but you can see the basic premise that we are going for.

In terms of the story we were thinking that it will depend on how complex we want the game to be. In my mind there are three sort of board games, simple (Carcassonne), moderate (Settlers of Catan) and complex (Descent) in terms of gameplay and learning curve. We have a few versions in mind for each, one for example is a fly stuck in a spider web concept and another a more straight forward horror fair with zombies and the like.

At this point though its more about assessing the type of playthrough we want and doing some good old trial and error when it comes to game mechanics. Hopefully next week we will have a more specific idea outlined.

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