Let them speak: Women in newsrooms

“Journalism is hard work, with irregular and intense hours, and pay that often compares poorly to other white-collar careers. Women still do the bulk of childrearing and day-to-day maintenance of the home in most parts of the world. Of the women in my peer group who had kids, I’m the only one who stayed in the newsroom or came back after some time away, most of them quit.”  –  Aminda Marqués Gonzalez, executive editor of The Miami Herald.   Journalism is a difficult gig, one that is even more difficult for women. This, in part, is because of the constraints … Continue reading Let them speak: Women in newsrooms

The Devil is in the Context: Aisha and the Time magazine cover

“This week’s Time magazine featured an 18-year-old Afghan girl named Aisha on the cover. Aisha’s face is framed with dark hair and a loose scarf; it looks like any other portrait Time might publish.” – Patheos, 2010   In many ways all photos are exploitation. They are all taking and using an image for a purpose, whether this be at a benefit or detriment to the subject of the photo. So when contemplating the morality of Time’s magazine cover featuring Aisha, it ultimately comes down to whether Aisha had agency in the depiction of herself and whether she was making … Continue reading The Devil is in the Context: Aisha and the Time magazine cover

Big Data, Big Scares

“Which leads me to the bad news–Big Data is more likely to determine if you get a job. Your dazzling smile, charming personality and awesome resume may count for something, but it’s algorithms and predictive analysis that will probably seal your fate.” – Rieland, 2013 Big data, big scares, the future is here and it’s not pretty. The days of privacy are slowly falling to the wayside, instead we a painting a grand picture of ourselves, and mostly our secrets, online for the whole world to see. “On Monday, Guardian Australia revealed that Australia’s surveillance agency, the Defence Signals Directorate … Continue reading Big Data, Big Scares

Speciesism In The Everyday

Everyday we discriminate animals based on species, this is fact. In this blog post I will break down some of the reasons why we consume animals and some of the excuses for this, which are all great examples of speciesism. An Introduction to Speciesism Speciesism is the unwarranted discrimination of animal species. A good example of this is the difference between our designation of domestic animals and those that are raised for meat. Domestic animals are far from the most intelligent of animals, in fact pigs and other animals that we imprison/consume are far more intelligent, with the pig having … Continue reading Speciesism In The Everyday