Soup and Dongles: A Story of Technological Apathy

For this post I interviewed my mother, Sandra, about the technologies that have emerged during her lifetime, specifically Television and the Internet, in order to discover what her experiences of these mediums were.  For as long as I have known my mother she has been apathetic towards technology. This is not because of being unable to understand it or moral panic, as it may be with other peoples parents, but rather because as she says “I don’t need it”. Now to be fair this is a slight mislead, on my part in this post and hers in real life, as … Continue reading Soup and Dongles: A Story of Technological Apathy

Where Am I? – BCM240 Introduction

Hello everybody, sorry for the late introduction. From the various subjects within the comm/media degree I am suffering from what I call “Blog Fatigue” which has caused me to be slow out the gates with the online content for this semester. Rest assured I will catch up in due time (hopefully) and begin to blog regularly. In order to give you somewhat of an idea as to who I am as a person (that’s what introductions are for right? O_O), I have decided to share with you some of the online places that I operate in and some of the … Continue reading Where Am I? – BCM240 Introduction