Where Am I? – BCM240 Introduction

Hello everybody, sorry for the late introduction. From the various subjects within the comm/media degree I am suffering from what I call “Blog Fatigue” which has caused me to be slow out the gates with the online content for this semester. Rest assured I will catch up in due time (hopefully) and begin to blog regularly.

In order to give you somewhat of an idea as to who I am as a person (that’s what introductions are for right? O_O), I have decided to share with you some of the online places that I operate in and some of the media I am interested in.


Spaces I’m Starting To Use

As a media consumer I am rather interested in music and television series. Just as a little side note I actually hate the term television series as it is rather removed from what the medium actually resemvbles these days and just puts images in your head of Criminal Minds re-runs that air at 9pm. Instead I prefer the term episodic series as it kind of gets rid of the tv part.

If their is one thing I have learnt on the internet it’s let the content speak for itself. As a disclaimer I’m not necessarily this content is great or anything but rather that it’s a jumbled collage of stuff that makes me me. So you can bothered have a tumble through and see what’s what.

This whole process has been sort of basic but I hope I’ve given you a better idea of who I am, basic.

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