Feeling Like a Martian While Watching The Martian

The cinema has become a very odd experience. Television has been corroding the film industry from it’s introduction, which has been quickened by the internet and streaming sites like Netflix. The way we consume entertainment has changed so much, which is something I reflected upon heavily while watching “The Martian” this past week.

Going to the cinema has become an occasional event, something that happens only on the odd occasion. This year I would guess that I have been maybe 4 times all up. Compare this to Netflix which I have spent countless hours and probably use almost every single day. Entertainment in general has become more solitary, absorbed in between the general day to day responsibilities we have. And as such it seems like an inconvenience to go to a theater, crowd into a room with other people, sit in not entirely comfortable chairs, pay too much money on snacks, and pay for it.

Organising to see “The Martian”, like most other things in my life, was organised over Facebook. Online my friends and I have a group chat that we use to invite people to things. When it comes to the movies it usually is a single person wanting to see a movie with the promise of a fun night. The attitude is usually that movies are expensive and only worth it if enough incentive is given.

When entering the theatre I’m particularly picky where we sit. Mostly this is because I don’t want to be near people, because I like to talk a lot which can become annoying for other people. Half of the cinema experience for me is making stupid commentary about the film in question. Any film can be fun with the right people. 😉

It is most probable that cinema will change greatly during the next few years. The reliance of sequels and big event cinema is a sign of things to come. The whole industry is filled with risk, and as such the cinema experience will likely become more and similar/safe until it’s inevitable death, which will most likely be a long time from now.


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