The Users Should Scare You

The old days of passive media consumption are dead and gone. It just doesn’t work anymore. We feel these restrictions that media companies are putting on us and we find any way possible to shake them off. “If old consumers were assumed to be passive, the new consumer is active.” Henry Jenkins (2004) Tumblr “allows” users freedom. I use the quotations because really the audience is who ultimately decides. Tumblr has implemented changes in the past that have come under quick and sharp attack. And with “…new consumers showing a declining loyalty to networks or even media.” (Henry Jenkins 2004) online platforms cannot … Continue reading The Users Should Scare You

Old and New and Tumblr

“The digital revolution paradigm claimed that new media was going to change everything. After the dot-com crash, the tendency was to imagine that new media had changed nothing. As with so many things about the current media environment, the truth lay somewhere in between.” – Henry Jenkins (2004)   I will be the first to admit that Tumblr doesn’t completely revolutionize the way we consume media. What it does do though, and well, is complement other forms of media and foster the creation of new media. Tumblr users can be obsessive. They care about their site and want to uphold … Continue reading Old and New and Tumblr

We Draw The Line

Copyright is such a troubling concept these days. Pirating is a socially acceptable crime that many of us commit on a daily basis, yet stealing someone else’s work is completely unacceptable. Tumblr has always had a problem with copyright infringement. Because there is such a huge mass of media it’s almost impossible to keep track of it all. Users often steal from one anther to obtain all powerful notes. A side effect of this is that users are policing and properly marking their intellectual work. It’s very interesting to see small time artists protecting their own property in such a way. The … Continue reading We Draw The Line