Where Am I? – BCM240 Introduction

Hello everybody, sorry for the late introduction. From the various subjects within the comm/media degree I am suffering from what I call “Blog Fatigue” which has caused me to be slow out the gates with the online content for this semester. Rest assured I will catch up in due time (hopefully) and begin to blog regularly. In order to give you somewhat of an idea as to who I am as a person (that’s what introductions are for right? O_O), I have decided to share with you some of the online places that I operate in and some of the … Continue reading Where Am I? – BCM240 Introduction

Let them speak: Women in newsrooms

“Journalism is hard work, with irregular and intense hours, and pay that often compares poorly to other white-collar careers. Women still do the bulk of childrearing and day-to-day maintenance of the home in most parts of the world. Of the women in my peer group who had kids, I’m the only one who stayed in the newsroom or came back after some time away, most of them quit.”  –  Aminda Marqués Gonzalez, executive editor of The Miami Herald.   Journalism is a difficult gig, one that is even more difficult for women. This, in part, is because of the constraints … Continue reading Let them speak: Women in newsrooms

The Devil is in the Context: Aisha and the Time magazine cover

“This week’s Time magazine featured an 18-year-old Afghan girl named Aisha on the cover. Aisha’s face is framed with dark hair and a loose scarf; it looks like any other portrait Time might publish.” – Patheos, 2010   In many ways all photos are exploitation. They are all taking and using an image for a purpose, whether this be at a benefit or detriment to the subject of the photo. So when contemplating the morality of Time’s magazine cover featuring Aisha, it ultimately comes down to whether Aisha had agency in the depiction of herself and whether she was making … Continue reading The Devil is in the Context: Aisha and the Time magazine cover