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Too many ideas, this is what I’m grappling with right now. Not others ideas but my own. As a gamer you naturally concoct so many random scraps of games that you wish you could make or hope would be made. Trying to find a kernel of a good idea in this forest of bad is incredibly difficult, almost impossible, as you naturally want to find the best idea before starting down a path.

Seeing the different game and art styles Olivia talked about in her short presentation allowed me to think about what type of games meant a lot to me and which I thought were a good mix of simplicity and depth. Because while I would like to make something fun I also want to make something meaningful as the games I have always loved the most have been the ones with moving stories.

I’m a sucker for emotionalism. Games that pull at heart strings are always the ones I remember the most. Stuff like Limbo, Bioshock, Mass Effect, Ni No Kuni, Bastion, Fable, Half Life, Walking Dead Telltale series and a whole slew of smaller indie games evoke such a strong emotional response. Journey for example is such a strange mix of style and substance that is fun because of its whimsical nature.

I wouldn’t mind doing something like what Chipotle did a few years ago with their game released to the app store about factory farming and the meat industry. It’s really rather emotionally moving and important to me as a subject. While I think with stuff like this there is an opportunity for all the fun to be sucked out of it, I believe if executed properly substance and style can evoke something stronger than mere disposable thrills.

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